Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A plea for Fall to come (or if you are Garrett, Christmas)

Fall, where are you?
Highs in the 90’s all week? Seriously?
I am over the summer. I am over the heat. (So is Piper….)

I want to sit comfortably outside on my patio with a glass of wine, maybe even while wearing a sweatshirt.
I want to be able to turn off the A/C, open the windows, let Mother Nature cool the house instead. 
I want to bake some bread and make some soup and cuddle up under a blanket.
A couple of weeks ago, when it was feeling a little cool and crisp out, my mom and I went shopping for some Fall-weather clothes for Haydie-Hoots. We didn’t know that that cooler weather was just a tease. We got carried away.  This child’s drawers are literally now exploding with long sleeves, pants, sweatshirts, cozy fleece jogging suits, dresses with little tights, new shoes, courderoy overalls.  Are we wearing any of these things here in these first weeks of fall? Nope. We are rationing our last 3-4 summery outfits that fit, squeezing into some that do not fit at all, and going for the hillbilly “baby in a diaper” look around the house. (BTW, if you see me around and my kid looks unkempt, it is not because I am a terrible mother – it is because the weather won’t just make the change so my little fashonista can make a change too!! Don’t judge me, please!)
To compound my issues with the weather, my husband is shopping….  Not for football jerseys, not for pumpkins, not for a new rake to clean up the yard. Oh, no, not my husband.  Heck, he isnt even shopping for pool toys, new shorts, sunscreen, or any other thing that this heatwave would warrant.  What is he shopping for you ask?
Well, Christmas lights of course.  Seriously.  I saw it pulled up on my computer screen this morning and nearly keeled over dead. Christmas lights? Really? OMG. It is 95 degrees outside, man! What are you thinking?  There is some serious seasonal confusion going on here.  Apparently the only person here here knows it’s Fall is me!  (and Piper, as you can see above. LOL)
So I guess that for now, I will just suffer on through this crazy Indian Summer.  I will stop at Maverick for dollar fro-yo cones, dress my kid in out-grown clothes, and crank the A/C. (Let’s keep that last one on the down-low. I am married to a man who is known for being…. well… thrifty? Yes, let’s go with thrifty – seems nicer than cheap.)  And my husband will deal with the heatwave by preparing for Christmas.  I will not pretend to understand his methods,and I will not complain.  But I will be silently cursing the heat and begging Fall to show it’s face.  Sooner rather than later please. Sometime before Christmas would be best.


  1. I wish I lived closer to you because I'd overload the cutie with some extra summery clothes for your extended summer!

  2. Oh man...I so wanna shop for fall stuff....but uh, yeah, not Christmas yet...what the heck is wrong with that man??? LOL...thanks for the new blog ;)

  3. c'mon now, you will all love what the lights look like when I get them done. Ugly Christmas sweater party here we come.