Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of those days.....

I am posting this from my phone due to a sparking PC charger (like popping and catching my house on fire - wtf?), but I have to share my day with you.

6:30 am: Hoot wakes up raring to go, screaming and yelling, mad that her breakfast isn't ready and that the puppy wants to play with her and about a zillion other things.

7am: Bug wakes up looking for her breakfast, too.

7:15 am: As Bug is nursing away, TillyPug pees on our comforter. Okay, I'm up.

8 am: Garrett goes to work. I am relatively certain he was smiling as he left and thinking, "Sucka!" as he drove away. He may have even peeled out a little. LOL

9am: Everyone has been crying, demanding things and whining for three hours now. Awesome.

10:30 am: Hootie makes Buggy a snack while I go to the bathroom.  No, I did not ask her to. :-\

10:31 am: Buggy is happy to spread and smash a salad bowl full of Cheerios and Goldfish all over my freshly swept and mopped floor. I am not happy to clean it up.

10:45am: Kids finally get dressed and get hair combed. I send Hayden outside. My patience is waining.

11am: While I make lunch, Hayden plays outside the backdoor with her sand table. The backdoor is wide open, so I can hear what she is doing and let some fresh air in.

11:02 am: Blood curdling screams. She has slipped and hit her lip on something. We clean it up, and ice it.... but it doesn't prevent the mega sized fat lip from happening.... (Also, she is so tough. She hardly cried. I wish I could claim the same.)

11:05 am: While I try to find the BooBoo Buddy in the fridge, my neighbor Barb comes over to see what the screaming/me yelling, "Oh my God! Holy crap!" about was. We assure her that everything is fine. I turn around and Bug is pulling herself up in the fridge (she has never pulled up before - she isn't even 7 months old for crying out loud!!) And trying to help herself to an orange.

And that all went on BEFORE NOON.

I love my kids... I love my kids... I love my kids.... I love my kids... *sigh* is it naptime yet?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of SPRING!

We are enjoying an unseasonably warm first day of Spring this year. (Remember this? LOL) We are throwing open windows and enjoying the sun before it leaves us, as it always does this time of year.

TillyPug slept all night last night.  That was a welcome surprise for sure! 

I am not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but I am a Muppet fanatic. When I was the same age as Hoot, if I was asked what my name was, I would reply, "Gonzo! with no hesitation.  My parents were sure that if I got lost someplace that I would never be returned, as no one would know what my name actually is.

Anyhow, look what we bought.

We have not  seen it yet, as we have small children and it has literally been YEARS since we stepped foot in a theater, so we are going to have a family movie night tonight.  Hayden picked fish sticks and tater tots for dinner and is all amped up to eat popcorn, so when Daddy comes home, that is the plan.

And even better, look what came with our movie:

MUPPET FINGER PUPPETS!!!!! *squeeeee!!!* 

This allowed for an impromptu puppet show, presented by my girls.

Complete with a frog on pig love scene.  LOL

 (I think this face is funny. LOL)

Bugster even got in in the Muppet love.

Hayden actually shared so sweet with her sister.  That is a rare occurrence.

A puppet show in the sun was just what we needed on this Springy Spring Day.

Hayden loves the Muppets almost as much as I do.  It is so cool that she is old enough to share something with her that was my favorite as a kid.  She is fast to inform anyone who will listen that "Gonzo is my mom's favorite."  Yes, yes he is. :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Look What I Have

Meet Tilly.

She is 10.5 weeks old and an absolute joy.  I still miss Piper (and I always will) but this face is good medicine. 

She is a spunky little puggy.  We picked her up at the airport in Reno on Tuesday. This little Southern Belle came from a wonderful lady in Arkansas name Barb at Jetta Pugs, whose passion in life is raising up quality, champion show pugs.  When I decided that I was looking for a pug, fate led me to her and most importantly, to my Tilly.

It was love at first sight for Hootie, and they have spend many hours in the last three days either all cuddled up or running all over the place like the best of friends.

And Buggy has a buddy, too.

Side note: Isn't Buggy big and cute as a -  well, cute as a Bug? LOL

Little Tilly fits right in. 

She is one of the girls.

And for whatever reason, she is confused and thinks that chickens = feathered puppies and can't figure out why they don't want to play.

As for me, I am head over heels in love with all (not even) 4 pounds of her.  She is so cuddly and has the funniest little personality.  I love this pug!  :-)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

We are "feeling a little chicken" this weekend

I fancy myself to be a bit of a "hobby homesteader" of sorts.

I love gardening, and I love thinking up ways to "put up" the spoils of our labor. I like freezing homemade tomato sauce or salsa and I have recently started canning.  I like feeling like my hands are busy and my family is enjoying something that I made or grew myself.

Today we planted our little seed starts for our tomatoes and chile peppers.  Hayden liked playing in the dirt and Buggy liked riding in the carrier on my back. LOL

This was the first time that I have ever put her in a back carry in the Ergo and she liked it so much! (Here is even a rare picture of me! LOL)

She even napped in there.

When we moved from town to this house two years ago, I started fantasizing about getting a few chickens.  Not a big flock, just a few hens that could lay eggsfor the girls to eat for breakfast and a simple chore that can help them have a sense of pride and responsibility.  After two years of deliberation, we welcomed some new girls to our little homestead today.

Meet Camilla, Blanche, Peck, and Yoko.

Hayden is so excited about her "little chee-chee birds" - she was a little scared at first, but now she loves them.  We told her she isn't allowed to pick them up, just pet them (I don't want her to squeeze them) and she likes to remind us to be soft every two seconds and gushes about how they are "So tinty! So cute!"

So, we are chicken farmers now - and I am just giddy.