Monday, November 4, 2013

Holy Terrible Twos, Batman!

I came in from working out this morning to this lovely surprise:

(Not pictured:  The couch and ottoman that are as coated in diaper rash cream as the kid that is pictured.)
When I asked her what she was doing with the diaper rash cream and why it was smeared on everything in the room, she had a fair answer: "Pretending it was yipstick.  And lotion. And paint. And shampoo."
I stood there - mostly trying not to laugh out loud.
She thought I was going to get mad, so she started to cry.
Poor Bug. 
Her Terrible Twos were showing.
You see, this isn't an uncommon occurrence for my little Bugster. 
For every bit of ornery trouble that Hoot gave me when we were in the throws of the dreaded Terrible Twos, her sister multiplies it by ten fold.  This kid is the ultimate benchmark for the Terrible Twos.
She gets into EVERYTHING.  She makes EPIC messes.  She wants to do everything "ALL BY MYSELF!" in her own way and her own time.  She picks her own clothes, her own lunch, her own toys, her own everything - and any one else's help or opinion is met with EXTREME opposition.
And, HOLY COW - can this child ever throw a temper tantrum.  Loud. Long. Dramatic.  Unlike anything you have ever seen.  She has an IRON WILL.
Having patience with her is my biggest struggle most days.
But on the other hand, look at that face. 
She may be the strongest willed human being alive, and she may have a shriek that could shatter glass (and eardrums) and she may have an uncanny knack for getting into trouble - but she is also adorable.  And snuggly.  And SO funny - my little comedian. 
And it's a dang good thing - because her Terrible Twos are shaping up to be LEDENDARY. 

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