Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello, Christmas!!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.

Where did this year GO? 

My girls are ready for Christmas.  They already know what they want to ask Santa for - Hoot wants the "Olivia's House" Lego Friends set and Bug is asking for a talking Doc McStuffins clinic.  We put up our trees (we have three!) yesterday and have started reading the Christmas books and watching the Christmas movies.  They are loving it.

Actually, I am ready for Christmas too.  Fall has been kind of hard on this family.  We lost my beloved Aunt Diane a week before Thanksgiving after a very long, very heroic battle with cancer.  She was a woman of grace and class - with the kindest, most patient heart you will ever come across. She played as big of a part I raising my brothers and I as my own parents did, and my most of my fondest childhood memories include her and her beautiful smile. She was one in a zillion and she is missed every day - and will be forever.  We are all just putting one foot in front of the other, breathing in and out, and turning toward each other for comfort. 

So when I say that I am ready for Christmas, I mean it - I am ready for some joy, ready for some smiles.  Ready to turn a corner.   I am planning on baking cookies, snuggling, giggling, and most of all counting our blessings and making two little girl's dreams come true.

This afternoon, I took some pictures of my girls in hopes of taking advantage of some "Cyber Monday" deals on Christmas cards. Am I the only one on Earth that sees the 55% off deal and buys the outfits and takes the pictures on the same day with zero real planning so that she doesn't miss it?  It is so chaotic.  But what in my world isn't chaotic?  It wouldn't seem like "me" if I did it in a more organized way. LOL

The girls were as cooperative as can be expected.  Which means not really at all. Oh well. Here is a Christmas Card Preview.  Enjoy!



  1. Your photos are awesome...I love the ones of the lights in front of the girls...amazing. There is a photographer on my facebook...daughter of my secretary when I was an agent in Elko. This photographer charges upwards of $500 to shoot for 1 hr and you don't own the photo rights. I believe WE do better in our homes with our cameras and your photos are the proof! janet

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! I got my first (very basic) DSLR camera when I was pregnant with Hayden. For a lot of years, I shot in auto mode, wishing I knew how to use my camera better. A little while back, some little hands pulled it of of the table. It was needing a repair, and not working properly, and when I discovered the cost of fixing it about a month ago, I decided to upgrade to a nicer DSLR and learn to really use it. So I have been reading and Googling and researching. I am enjoying it so much. My pictures in auto were great (you've been seeing then on this blog forever) but its time to take it up a notch!! :-)

  2. Your pictures are fantastic! You capture those girls and their personalities so well!