Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sawyer's New Pal

My poor little chocolate dog.

We got Sawyer a year and a half after we got my sweet little angel puggy, Piper.  And as we know, Piper was the Alpha dog of our family.  Whether you were canine or human, adult or child, Queen Piper ruled.  Poor Sawyer Brown spent her first five years being relentlessly bossed around by the pug, who we would often refer to as "The Sherriff" in regards to the way that she treated Sawyer.

The last two months have been kind of hard for Sawyer.  She is so used to being ruled over that without Pipey here, she has been a little lost.  And very clingy and needy.  She doesn't discriminate with who she is clingy and needy to, either.  Garrett and I are constantly telling her to go lay down because she is right in our space.   ALL.  THE.  TIME.

So she has someone new to cling to.  Someone who can't get away. 

She is bugging poor Carly all the time now.   Lucky for Sawyer, Carly seems to like it. 

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