Monday, February 27, 2012

tub time

everyone loves pictures of someone else's goofy kids in the tub, right?

Bug is big enough for the little tub-ring seat in the tub now.  When did she get that big?  I feel like she is growing up even faster than Hoots did at this age.  Isn't she just the cutest, fattest little thing?  I want to eat her up.

Hayden lives for bathtime. 

She loves it so much because she likes to "help" her sister get clean.  She dreams of dumping a cup of water over Carly's chubby little head.  And bossing her around with the bath toys.  And the thing that stands between Hayden and running the show is me, her mean old mom.  LOL It doesn't stop the little stinker from trying, though.

The Bugster takes it all in stride.  She adores her sis, even if she is a Bossy Cow. LOL

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