Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Howdy, Stranger!

I haven't posted in a long while.... 

We have been busy.

I have taken up canning, and I am growing quite adept at making small batches of deliciousness.  I have put up some Habenero Pickled Beets, some BBQ Sauce, three flavors of applesauce, strawberry syrup, Mango Habenero Jam, and three kinds of Apricot Jam - Vanilla, Rosemary, and Habenero.  I am so proud of my pantry full of jars and can't wait  to see what's next.

I have been sewing a lot - making dresses and purses for Hayden and little ruffled shorts for the Bugster, some little sunbonnets.

 I have really been enjoying it and have even sold a few things to friends.  (You can see more pictures and message me to place an order if you want something, too.  Just visit or email me  at

We are growing a little garden out back and Garrett has been super busy out there.   I will try to post some pictures soon of the progress.  I am so excited to harvest the bounty of produce later this summer!! :-)

And, most importantly, I am growing two amazing little girls.

Aren't they precious?  They are dancing in this picture.  Hayden has a hard time remembering that Carly can't walk yet when they do this and she has a tendency to just take off and leave Buggy to just tip over.  LOL Poor Bugster.

Hayden  is quite the girl.  She has more independence and spunk than anyone I know.  I often forget that she isn't even 2 1/2 yet and it can be hard to be patient.  She is OBSESSED with Strawberry Shortcake these days and would seriously watch the same one over and over and over without a break if I let her.  She loves her sister, but is starting to find her annoying (get used to that, Sis!! lol) and she loves her puppy and her new swing set.  She is becoming quite a big girl. 

Bug isn't exactly little anymore either.  She is a busy lady at 9 months old, with things to do like bothering her sister and saying a few words (mostly Dada and "Whoa!!" - SO CUTE!) and climbing.  Child can't even walk yet and she climbs everything - the scary truth is that she can make it up the stars before i even know she's gone.  She is a little Mama's Girl through and through, and can be downright clingy at times.  She has two little teeth on the bottom and her hair is getting long - but only on the top.  She is beginning to resemble "The Donald" with her comb-over. LOL

And then there is this one, who I basically have to add a picture of because she is just too damn cute not to:

It's true - it's pretty much cute over-load around here!!  LOL

So that's the last month in a nutshell.  I haven't abandoned the Blogeshpere, everything has just been busy - and I can't say I mind. :-)

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