Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Little Buggy

Look how big and smart and sassy my Bugsteroni is these days:

She will be 8 months old next week and she already crawls all over the place (has since 5.5 months), pulls up on EVERYTHING (started that at 6.5 months), and cruises along all of the furniture.  These skills are coming in very handy in her efforts to bother Hoot, get into all of Hoot's stuff, open drawers in the bathroom and the kitchen, pick keys off of the keyboard of my laptop, and generally helping herself to lots and lots of trouble.

She also has a temper like no other - and HATES being told "no".  She likes to pinch me while she is nursing, and when I say, "NO.  NO PINCHING." she has a total meltdown and tries to pinch me more.  Stubborn.  Just like Daddy.  ;-)

Her favorite foods are strawberries, cheerios, scrambled eggs, graham crackers, hummus sandwiches, yogurt, and toast - but that is all a distant second to the boob.  This kid LOVES the boob. LOL  (And don't even think about suggesting that she eats baby food.  That crap  is for BABIES, after all. LOL)

Her favorite toys are mostly ones that belong  to Hoot, but she likes her ABC train and her little stuffed Llama Llama Red Pajama, too.  She is a little thinker, and any toy you give her, she studies and looks at and inspects down to the very last detail.

Her favorite thing on Earth? Her sister, of course.  She idolizes Hayden.  She watches everything that her sis is doing like a little hawk, taking notes, wishing for the day that she is old enough to do the same things.  One of her biggest sources of frustration?  Her sister, of course!  Hayden doesn't like to share her My Little Pony toys with Bug, Hayden can run and Bug can't, Hayden eats things like apples and Bug can't.  She screams at the top of her lungs.  Being the baby sister is HARD. LOL

<3 this baby (who is clearly not going to stay a baby for long) to bits!!  :-)

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