Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Secret World of "Cake"

My big girl is growing up so fast.

She is so smart and beautiful.  And grown up.

Sometimes it is hard to believe how big she is - other times it is hard to believe that she is only three. 

The day she was born, I looked into those big blue eyes and said to my mom, "This is an old soul." Flash forward to not quite three and a half years later, and I swear she is three going on thirty.

She has always had a great imagination.  Starting at around 13 or 14 moths old, she has been serving us pretend food and drinks, giving us pretend money or presents, calling us the names of princesses or other cartoon characters, and last summer she even had a little imaginary caterpillar.

But now that she is older, her imagination is REALLY running wild.

She has her own secret little world. 

And I am loving every second of it.

The other day, she told me about her new "friend" - a little girl named "Cake".  Cake has a very detailed background story, 100% created by Hayden. 

(Blogger is acting up and won't let me put a video here, so just click the link.  She is too dang cute not to see.)

Garrett and I get a kick out of the matter of fact way that she describes Cake and her family and her world, as if every word of it were true and it is just the way that it is. 

Hayden and Cake, taking on the world, one wild story at a time.

I love this big girl to bits and pieces.

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