Monday, June 10, 2013

As promised, more on my latest foray into Felt Food Land....

So we all know that when I get started on something, that I have a tendency to become a bit obsessed.  

I am not afraid to own my obsessive nature. It is part of who I am, Why fight it?

Well, after the yard sales were said and done, I had a little bit of pocket money.  Well, actually my girls had a little bit of pocket money, as it was their clothes and toys that I sold.  

So we were talking about things we could do with their yard sale proceeds and the idea of a play grocery store came up.  

I fell in love with the idea.

They have been playing house like crazy lately, using their little kitchen and their dollies - I couldn't get over how fun it would be if they had a little store to shop in, too!!

Annnnndddd, lucky for us, my girls just happen to have this little space between their bedrooms.  

It is kind of a little pass-through between the two bedrooms, and as you can see, it currently houses a whole herd of Littlest Pet Shop toys we had handed down to us.  Wouldn't this little hidey-hole make a great little market/bakery/shop?  

So I started researching things to stock the shelves. I have been coveting those little wooden foods for who knows how long, and while I found that some were sort of affordable and all were absolutley adorable, I also found that there is no way on Earth that I could afford to stock an entire grocery store with wooden food.  

So I had to regroup a little bit.

Then I remembered the Felt Food Frenzy of 2010 ... That was fun and easy - and best of all CHEAP.  And my girls still play with that stuff every day.  

So after some time on Pinterest, I got to work.

I have been sewing veggies like a mad woman ever since.

These are pictures from my phone, which for some reason has a little black dot on the corner.  I am too lazy to get my big camera out today, so this is what I have. LOL Sorry.  Maybe another day. You get the idea.

And I have started some fruit.  

All I have in that department is lemons, and apples and oranges are all cut out and stitching them up is on my Nap-time TO-DO list today.  

It is like a felt farmer's market!! 

I have big visions of a fully stocked produce area (I'd say that I'm well on my way), a bakery, and a meat department.  I have my work cut out for me. :-)

I also ordered a few things from Amazon (including a wooden cash register and scale!!! LOVE!!!) and bought some stuff at Michael's, and we are on the hunt for baskets and other accessories to make that little room go from Pet Shop junk room to Hayden and Carly Mart!!  

I will keep you updated.  And if you are thinking about joining me in the revival of my felt food obsession or making a grocery store of your own, here are my Pinterest boards to get you started with a little inspiration!!

Stay tuned for our progress!! :-)

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