Monday, July 8, 2013


My little Hoot is becoming quite the interrogator these day.

Don't get me wrong, as long as she has been talking, she has been asking questions.

LOTS of questions.

ALL day, EVERY day.

But her line of questioning has turned from a simple (albeit never ending)  string of "Why?" and "How come?" into a much more thoughtful (and harder to answer) vein.

Our conversations all sound much like these ones:

Scenario #1
Hayden: Hi mom.  What are you doing?
Me: Washing the dishes. What are you doing?
Hayden: Coming to ask you some questions.  WHY are you doing the dishes?
Me: Because they have to get washed.  It is part of cleaning up the house.  They will get smelly and we will have nothing to eat off of or cook with if I don't.
Hayden: Huh. Okay.  So... WHERE did we get our dishes?
Me:  Um.... Bed Bath and Beyond, I think.
Hayden: Oh. Where did THEY get them?
Me: A dish factory, I suppose.
Hayden: That's cool. What kind of machines made the dishes?
Me: Big ones.  I don't really know.
Hayden: Where do the big machines come from? Is there a factory machine factory?  Who makes the machines in the factory machine factory?  And who makes those ones?
Me: (head spinning) Uhhhhh....  (trying to distract her while making a mental note to do some research on factories.)

Scenario #2:
Hayden: Hey, Mom!  Can you come here?!?
Me: Yes! What do you need?
Hayden: I need to know how babies get out of their mom's bellies.  Where do they come out?
Me: (thinking to myself) Is this really happening? She is THREE!! (I answered her as honestly as I felt was appropriate for a very smart girl of three....)

And that is just a few of a zillion questions that I have been asked today, and it is only 9:20am!

"What does a pillow factory look like?"

"Do all animals go poop?

"Who made up that we have to say 'please'?"

"Why do some people have freckles?"

"Why do some men have boobies?"

"How do phones work?"

"Why do we have to use money to buy stuff?"

"Why do the dogs smell everything?"

"Is everyone a baby at the beginning?"

And it goes on and on.

It is exhausting.  I feel like I never quit talking all day long because I am answering questions.  But I try to answer all of them.  The best that I can, anyway.

After all - you will never know anything is you never ask.

At this rate, Hoot will know everything there is to know by the time she is five. ;-)

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