Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day of preschool

I have had one kid turn two and another start preschool, all in a matter of five days. 

By the time the big day came, Hayden was so excited to start school that she just about couldn't stand it.

When we got to her class, she hardly even said goodbye.  She was too busy making new friends.  She did let me get this one picture before she waved bye over her shoulder and dismissed her parents.  LOL

I only cried a little.  The one who was heartbroken was not necessarily me, believe it or not.

It was Baby Sister, who didn't want to leave her best friend at school.

Poor little thing.  She was so happy to see Hayden two hours later that she squealed and threw her arms around her.  

I felt the exact same way.  <3

It has been a great week to be one of my girls, but a hard week to be their mom.

But I know one thing for sure - I am so proud of them both.

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