Monday, January 20, 2014


I can't believe that we are on the downhill side of January! The month is just getting away from me.

Something else that I can't believe?


I feel like she was little, then I blinked and she was four.
Her birthday was actually two weeks ago, and all she asked us for was a Lego cruise ship and a huge cupcake that she didn't have to share with her sister. LOL So of course, we provided.

In the past, we have done a birthday party with all of her family and friends the weekend before or the weekend immediately following her actual birthday, but this year I decided to be kind to myself and wait two weeks, just to get the holidays out of our systems.  (side note: It was a great idea and we will be doing it that way from now on.)
So this past Saturday, we threw a big ol' Lego party for our little Lego Lover.  And if you know anything about me and throwing a birthday party, I am in the business of making whatever obscure party theme my kids come up with happen!    When she said that she wanted a "purple Lego party" I was nervous, butnI think it turned out great.


And look at this CAKE!

As usual, my cousin, Erin, came through with her cake decorating skills, and my newly acquired skills as a "Lego mom" came in handy in making the Lego Friends look like they were building it. I just think that it turned out so dang cute! Hayden loved it and she got a big kick out of seeing all of the Friends doing little "jobs" to get the cake ready.

Hayden's other request was that we have a bounce house, and we are super lucky because my other cousin and his wife actually OWN a bounce house and they brought it out for the afternoon.  It is January and it was a little but chilly, but kids don't notice things like that and they had so much fun.

Of course there were presents.

Hayden was so funny when she was opening presents. She was really interested in the cards and had to be reminded several times that there was a gift to go with the card.  She was genuinely excited about every single gift and didn't need any reminders to say thank you for a single one of them.  She was one happy little four year old.

After an unplanned costume change, we sang and she blew out candles. 

Let me tell you something - NOTHING warms a mama's heart than looking into these big blue eyes and being told that today was the BEST DAY EVER EVER EVER.

Anything for you, sweet girl.  ANYTHING.


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