Sunday, May 4, 2014

Time marches on...

How in the world is it already MAY?!  Time is just flying by. I feel a little bit like time is slipping away, and something has to suffer - lately that has been my blog.  I miss it, and (once again) am going to promise to do better at keeping up with it. 

 We have been busy little bees around here, as usual.

Hayden has learned to ride a big girl bike.

She never needed training wheels at all. We never even bought any.  She went from her little Strider to this big bike.  And she is amazing. 

We have re-entered the chicken farming business with 9 hens. 

Carly is pretty much obsessed with them, while Hoot is a little afraid, and Tilly thinks she is their nanny.


We have a new cousin.

His name is Grayson Marc, and as you can see, he is a very popular young man. 

Daddy and I spent a week away, soaking up some sun in the Bahamas.

And yes, it was just as amazing as it sounds.  PARADISE!!
We have a new family member.  Meet Noodle.
 He was abandoned at our house in a series of weird events, and after searching high and low for his family and having no success, we decided that he was meant to be with us.  He is half pug, half who-knows-what, and he is everyone's buddy. He is a wonderful little dog, and we are lucky to have him. We weren't looking for a third dog, but fate intervened. :-)


For the first few days, Carly called him "New Dog".  Soon that became "Noodle" and we couldn't talk our kids onto a different name for nothing.  So, that's me - the crazy lady in the neighborhood, yelling, "Noodle!! Noodle! NOOOOOOODDDDDLLLEEE!!!" out the back door. LOL
Most importantly, these girls are growing and changing and amazing us every day.

They are thoughtful and loving and they both possess a curiosity and a need for more knowledge that never quits.  I call them "my little engineers" because they are just so dang smart.  More on that later - but there are big plans in the works for these little smarty pants.
So, you can see how time is getting away from me. WE ARE BUSY! In a couple of weeks, Hayden will be done at her preschool and summer will be here.  I don't suppose we will get any less busy then, but we are ready. 
Bring it on! :-)

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