Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Warriors: Family Style

On Friday, we took our little smarty-pants to the Discovery Museum in Reno. Let me tell you something - that place was like HEAVEN for my girls. They wanted to move in and never leave.

They couldn't get enough.



They are totally little builders by nature, and couldn't get enough of anything in that realm.  Blocks, marble runs, magnetic tiles - they love building!! Legos and wooden unit blocks are their VERY favorite thing at home, so it was no big surprise to me when they had to be dragged away rom the same types of things.

They were also very eager to try out the Cloud Climber, which is a huge floor to ceiling jungle gym-type thing.  
Hayden was especially excited, and strangely, Carly was more cautious.  It is usually the other way round.

But the personality swap didn't last too long.  They didn't get very far before this happened.
She panicked, which resulted in me having to climb into the Cloud Climber to rescue her! Poor thing. But I cannot say that I was surprised.  I am, however, proud of her for being brave and trying.
And (again, not a big surprise) Carly loved it and didn't want to get out. EVER. She climbed up pretty far, held her own with the big kids, and found her way out all by herself.
It is always so neat when we do things like this to see what interests each of them, what kinds of questions they ask, and what they remember.  I love how thirsty they are to know all about the world around them.  I will keep feeding into that forever.  I never ever want these girls to stop asking questions!!
Besides feeding that "need to know", it is important to us that we teach them about giving back and taking care of their community.  That brings us to Saturday morning.
Each year, Garrett's Rotary International club chooses a community project to tag as their "International Day of Service" project, and they encourage members and their families to come out and help.  this year, they chose to clean up (paint over) all of the graffiti in our local skate park. 
Seeing as our girls love to ride their bikes there, this was the perfect project for them! 

It was a great project. We painted the entire skate park! It looks great! And our girls loved it. They were both so proud that they had helped cover up what Carly called "the naughty letters" and make a place they love to visit look great! and we were home in time for naps!  It is never too soon to start volunteering, folks! 
The rest of this weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying each other's company. 
My mother-in-law recently acquired a miniature pony.  We took the kids over for a visit this morning, and I think that it is safe to say that they (especially Hayden) are in love. 

So there you go. Some learning, some service, some fun, some relaxation.  This is how we do weekends.  :-)


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