Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Happy Easter to our friends and familly!

We have had such a nice day today, enjoying the company of each other and of our family. 

Hayden is so much fun this year!  She loved the baskets and the eggs and we even let her eat candy.  The Easter Bunny definately provided Hayden's share of Easter goodies - as did Gramma and Grampa.  (Gramma and Grampa even had Easter goodies for CarlyBug, lucky little baby!! LOL) 

This is just what the E.B. brought....  The old E.B was pretty proud of his spread this year. ;)

Oddly, even with all of the goodies in the basket, Hootie prefered the eggs that each had a few Goldfish crackers in them.  She cried when they were empty, so we refilled them with Cheerios.

She also sampled some Peeps, and was not impressed.  I think there are two types of people - those who like Peeps, and those that do not.  Hayden joined her dad and I in the "does not" camp.  LOL

Until now we haven't really offered Hoot any candy, but we figured that Easter was a good excuse.  She wasn't real sure of any of it, and like I said, prefered the Goldfish.  Good girl.

Last week when my mom and I took Hoot to her 15 month check-up, we took her to pick out an Easter dress.  Needless to say, she looked so cute in her fancy girl dress.  However, she wasn't real impressed and thought it was itchy and much too fussy for her tomboy-style.  But damn - she was adorable in it.

And she is a master egg hunter, too. 

There was a little bit of confusion re: eggs vs. balls...  LOL

And we took a minute to stop and smell the flowers.  Aren't these tulips gorgeous? 

And another minute to pose for some pictures.  This is four generations of my family - me and Hoot and my Mom and my Granny Beverly.  :)

Later, we enjoyed a delicious leg of lamb dinner (I just love lamb.  My husband hates it, so we never eat it at home, but you better believe that given the chance, I feast on the poor little guys. LOL) at my Aunt Diane's and Hoot played with my cousin's little girls.  All in all it was a great day.

I hope that you enjoyed your day, too and spent it with the people you love. :)  Happy Easter!

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