Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A face only a mother could love and some music to this Mama's ears

You know those cute little ultrasound pictures people get, where you see someone's little angel in profile?  You can see their sweet little nose and lips, and they look like they are laying in a hammock. 

These are usually the pictures where you (meaning all of us regular old Joes) can actually see that you are looking at a baby without crossing your eyes like you are looking at one of those 3D pictures that were popular when I was in junior high.  (Remember those things?  Ugh - I could never tell what i was supposed to be seeing....I can't be alone, right?)

Anyway, those ultrasound pictures are so cute.

And exactly what both of my children refuse to provide.

I have zero of them from Hayden's ultrasounds, and now zero from miss Carly's, too.  My attention loving girls look directly into the camera the whole time, like this:

Can you tell what it even is?  Think creepy little alien or ghost in a movie pressing it's face against the window. 

Here, this might help:

Now can you see her?  That is my Carly Kate, hamming it up at our ultrasound today (22 weeks) and every single picture is like this, just like all of the ones from our ultrasound at 18 weeks - as well as every single in-utero pic I have of Hootie.  Little divas.

Not sweet little profiles here.  My girls want to look you in the eye. LOL  A picture only a mother could love - my little alien babies.

Despite the lack of picture-perfect poses, Dr. Chacon's verdict is that things are "looking absolutely perfect" - those were his exact words - and those words are certainly music to any mama's ears. 

So now I sit here and feel her wiggle and dance and kick inside while I try to coax her older sister to sleep - poor little Owl has been battling getting molars.  We have had a rough week on the teething front, poor girl.  Snuggling seems to help, so i try to oblige. :)

Even with tooth troubles and creepy alien faces, sitting here with both of my girls is "absolutely perfect".  :)

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