Saturday, January 7, 2012

happy birthday, Haydie P.!!

Two years ago today, I found out what it feels like to have a piece of my heart existing outside of my body when my sweet Hayden Paisley was born.

Today, we celebrated with a super sized Elmo birthday party for a big girl.  I can't believe I have a two-year old!!

Hayden had a blast.  Thank you to all who came and thanks to all the well wishers who couldn't make it too! 

CarlyBuggy took a little sleep right in the middle of the festivities.

And tonight we sit and relax in a heap of wrapping paper and leftover cupcakes and cheeseburger sliders and peanut butter and jelly sammies. 

Happy birthday, sweet Owl.  I love you more than you'll ever know.  Watching you grow up into whatever you want to be continues to be my greatest joy in life.  Whatever it is that you become, I hope that you stay creative, kind and spunky.  I hope you have everything you ever wish for and that you realize that the world is yours if you just go after it.  Don't ever lose your spirit, my love - and don't forget that your Daddy and I love you forever.

BTW - If you like the looks of this party and might want one for a little one you know, HERE is my inspiration board on Pinterest.  :-) You're welcome.

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  1. I'm sitting right here with you as you wrote this and I still have goosebumps :) you're my hero. Great party! A good time was had by all <3