Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new carseats for two little girls

On Christmas Eve, my Mom and Dad borrowed my car and took the girls (all dressed up for Christmas)to visit friends and family.  Garrett and I were at home, making our Christmas Eve feast when we got a call that they had been t-boned.

Thankfully, everyone was fine - my parents were a little shaken, Hayden didn't really care and mostly just had to go pee, and Carly slept through the whole thing.  My car didn't fare so well.

Finally, last week, after 3 weeks at the body shop, I got it back, fresh as a daisy.

Because of the impact to the back of the car, where my girls were sitting, the other insurance company paid for my girls to get new carseats. 

Today, while I was in the shower, Hoot came in and yelled, "Mom! Someone's here!"  Why does that always happen? Get in the shower and somone knocks on the door? Luckily, she is too little to let anyone in, or the UPS person would have gotten an eyeful! LOL

Anyway, by the time I was done in the shower, the UPS person was gone, but he left two new matching big girl carseats!! When Hoot got wind of what was waiting, she went crazy. 

Who knew that new carseats were going to be so exciting to her? She screamed, "New carseats?!!  BEST DAY EVER!!! Gimme hugs, Mom!!"  LOL I laughed so hard!


  1. I always wonder who pays for the new carseats. We have Geico and i've never asked but our homeowners is with nationwide and I asked them and they said they didn't cover carseats but you can do a claim through your homeowners (argh! $1000 deductible!)
    Those are nice seats, what brand??

    Love her fake sleep!!

  2. the car insurance covered it - the other guy was at fault (obviously) so his company paid (Farmer's), but ours (Country - my husband is our agent) would have paid if our claim had been filed with them. it kind of seemed like they didn't want to mention it, but we knew to ask for new seats.... i guess you have to ask! LOL thank goodness i learned about getting new seats after an accident from The Bump! the new seats are huge - they are Graco MyRide65 LX. they are actually nicer than the ones we had before because they cut me a check for what mine were "worth" and it turned out i could afford nicer ones with it! whoohoo!