Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hope that yours is more treats than tricks.  As you can see, Abby Cadabby has had a blast trick or treating and partying down.  She is a little put out that I won't let her eat any of the candy, and the freckles won't wash off of her face (I used a "washable" marker.  Hmm.  Not very washable...) but overall her 1st Halloween was a success.

I am super proud of the costume.  It turned out adorable and she didn't mind wearing it at all.  We got some great pictures of her in our yard with her pumpkin.  Adorable.  What a girl. 

Now I am off to sample some of her candy.  Garrett and I earned it packing all 20 pounds of Abby up and down the streets of Fallon....  she is getting so big and heavy, packing her isn't what it used to be! We'll consider it payment for her Trick or Treat transportation.  ;)

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