Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A full house.

We have company in town this week.  Some old friends are visiting from Phoenix with their three girls, so things have been super busy here.  Five adults and four kids make for a bustling house for sure. 
It amazes me how much Hayden loves other kids.  She follows them all over and has to be in the middle of everything they are doing.
I look over at her playing with Lily (age 5) and Zoei (age 3) and wonder where my baby went and who this curious new big girl is.   I want to remind her that she is only nine months old.  

Last week I bought her a new “big girl” car seat, so now she doesn’t even look like a baby when she is on the go.  (She doesn't exactly love it yet, which is why she looks less than enthusiastic about it.)

I have been giving her some piggy-tails most days, too – which makes her look extra big. I think she thinks she is big, too.  She sometimes looks at me like, "Seriously, Mom?  Quit treating me like a baby!!"

I took these pictures of her yesterday when we all went to Virginia City:

Where oh where has my Baby HootOwl  gone?  I am not gonna lie though- big or little she is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
At any rate, we are all enjoying our company and we hope they are enjoying staying with us.  We are all headed toward the pumpkin patch this afternoon, which I am so excited for.  Fall is finally in the air and we are going to spend the afternoon soaking it up.  J

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