Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's for dinner tonight?

As I mentioned in my previous post, last night when I was faced with the question “What’s for dinner?” from my husband, I totally choked.  So I am going to try to redeem myself for that faux-pas tonight.  To avoid a replay of yesterday, I decided that I would bust out the CrockPot and make some delicious Spicy Chicken and Rice.  And then I decided I would share it with you.
I feel bad calling this a recipe because it is so dang easy, but here is a picture how to.  Anyone can do it.  Just adjust the amount of chicken and tomatoes for the number you are trying to feed.  I am using 1lb. chicken and one can of tomatoes, and that is enough for four of five I suppose.  BTW, this is great as leftovers too.
Step One: Gather the Goods

Step Two: Open the can of tomatoes. (If you can’t handle this step, you need to just give up.  But I added a picture just in case)

Step Three: Cut the chicken into pieces.

Step Four:  Dump chicken and tomatoes into CrockPot and stir.

Step Five: Turn CrockPot on.
Step Six: Clean up the huge mess your child has made in the two minutes Steps 1-5 took to complete.

Step Seven: Write your husband a reminder note.

Step Eight: Turn around and see child making another mess in the thirty seconds it took to write note.

Step Nine: Edit reminder note.  

Step Ten: Go about completing (yeah right – more like chipping away at) the mile-long to-do list discussed in yesterday’s blog for around four or five hours or until the chicken is done.
Step Eleven: Cook some rice.

Step Twelve:  Assemble in bowl by spooning chicken/tomato soup over rice, then sprinkle with cheese and chopped onion .

Step Thirteen:  Pat yourself on the back.  Holy Maria, I am awesome…  whoops - I mean “you”  -  YOU are awesome.  ;)


  1. lmfao this is HILARIOUS! I hope breakfast gave you an extra boost lol! The crockpot is my best friend!

  2. My child threw a thirty minute tantrum the other night because I wouldn't let her chase our neighbors cat anymore. She sat in time-out throwing the tantrum. I have to hand it to her... she did stay in time-out while sobbing. We are mean mommies!

  3. haha! being mean is a mommy's job i guess. hayden wigs when you don't let her do what she wants... i guess she doesn't know she is only 9 months old! lol