Monday, December 27, 2010

Hoot's Christmas Haul

Christmas has come and gone, and Miss Hoot is enjoying the spoils of her first holiday.  Being our only child and the only grand-baby has served her well this year - we are living in a regular Toys R Us over here!  We opened gifts with my parents and my family on Christmas Eve and Hoot had a blast opening a ton of toys and clothes. 

Santa brought a kitchen and all the fixings.

Garrett's mom gave her a PotteryBarn Anywhere Chair.

She has spent the last two days playing babies, opening and closing cupboards, climbing all over her chair and chasing cars and a dump truck that talks all over the house. 

I'd say that Hayden had a great Christmas....  and just think, less than two weeks from now, we will do it all over again for her First Birthday party.

We might have to get a bigger house.  Or our kid might have to get a house of her own.  LOL

Aside from the gifts - and more importantly - was the time we spent as a family.  It is amazing how lucky we are and how much love Hayden has brought into our lives. On Christmas Day, my Granny (Hoot's Great-Granny) told my mom that that Hootie is "the joy of her life."  She seems to have that effect on people.  It is amazing how different the world is with her in it.  Just like every other day of the year, she made Christmas so happy. 

We hope all of you felt the love this weekend, too.  Merry (albiet belated) Christmas to all of you and yours!


  1. It's hard having the birthday within weeks of Christmas. Our problem is we can't buy her Christmas presents until after her birthday party so we don't get any duplicates. My mother learned this lesson finally. Then she gets so many great things for her birthday that I can't think of anything for Christmas. You have the backwards problem!

  2. yup, we have the exact opposite issue! it is crazy. plus, it is like toy overload for two weeks and then it is 11.5 months until christmas again so i feel like we have to pick wisely. haha!

  3. I must say Chrismtas #2 (well #3 for us) gets easier and cheaper. I just cleaned up all the baby-ish toys last month and boxed them away. She just started playing with most of the toys she got last year correctly. So this year she got the kitchen + accessories (I had bought her that tiny Fisher Price kitchen last year, which is now on the back porch since it's plastic) & some dolls/barbies. I already have next year planned--doll house! I focus on one big gift from Santa every year and thing to go with it, and other odds & ins.

  4. that is sort of what we did too - we focused on the big thing (kitchen) and the things that went with it and let gramma and grampa and aunti and uncle fill in the blanks with smaller stuff. and did they ever!! haha! they couldn't resist. the smaller gifts from us were mostly things she needs like sippy cups and snack cups and socks and things along those lines. i will try to keep that mentality for her birthday too.

    i think the hardest thing is not going hog-wild - there are so many neat things out there, it would be so easy to be over whelmed by crap and spend a ton of cash! and i would probably find what i already know to be true - she likes the simple stuff like dollies and books best. LOL