Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a trendy and chic (but mostly frugal) wreath

When we moved into this house in April, we nearly tripled our living space.  We also tripled our utilities and our work load, too…    Decorating this place is an ongoing process, as the furniture and belongings we moved over here with looked a little like bachelor furniture in their new surroundings. 
We have bought new dining room furniture, a new couch and a new mattress/box spring set and that has helped, but unfortunately decorating can be a rather expensive project and due to the previously mentioned higher utilizes and whatnot, it is also a slow moving one.  Sometimes i just donothing becasue it feels overwhelming.  I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that that is just silly.
I am the daughter of a farmer.  I am nothing if I am not resourceful.  And I am crafty and creative too.
Enter my guilty pleasure – craft blogs.  I love them.  Craft blogs and the projects I get from them give me a bit of a rush.   Sitting on the couch at night, browsing tutorials and plans is my idea of a good time - and the only thing I like more than that is the crafting itself.   
I call it “glue-gun therapy” – and back in my previous life, I could seriously dwindle away an entire day crafting my heart out.  Now, my time is more limited - to nap time (which is limited because as you know, my child is not the best napper), after bedtime (I like this one because in my craft room, wine is always served after hours), Sunday afternoons when Garrett is home to occupy Hoot and brief moments where Hoot plays with toys next to me in my craft room before she gets into something or loses her patience.  In some ways, it makes the little times when I do get to make something even better.  I am happiest when my hands are busy.
The other day, I ran across some instructions to make a wreath out of the pages of a paperback book.  What a great idea!  I called Garrett over and said, “Look at this.  I have to go to the craft store right now and get some things to make this totally trendy and chic project.”  He made fun of me for saying “trendy and chic” but he totally agreed that the wreath was cool.  I have this little corner in my dining room that is in need of something fab.  And cheap would be nice too.
So, I got to work and a couple  of hours, around $5, 2 ½ Nora Roberts novels, and a zillion hot glue burns later, here is what I came up with:

I am so pleased with it and I am working on two more to give as Christmas gifts next week. 

I like it so much, it actually led me on a chase for other trendy and chic yet frugal projects to complete.   This wreath was actually inspired by some that were once in Pottery Barn.  I love the style of Pottery Barn, but the sticker shock I feel when I see how much they want for things is too much to handle. I guess I am not the only one who feels this way because when you Google “Pottery Barn knock-off crafts” you get enough DIY action to keep you busy forever. 
I already have a few more ideas up my sleeve, and I will share them as I go, but for now, visit Living With Lindsay and make a wreath like mine.
 Or, if you would rather, I will make one for you and you can pay me Pottery Barn’s asking price for it.  ;)


  1. That is such a cool idea! I want to try to make one for my classroom!

  2. it would be GREAT in a class room! i used brown paint on the edges of mine, but i am wondering what effect different colors would give...