Thursday, May 5, 2011

like a fish

We are experiencing the most gorgeous day outside - a balmy 86 degrees! this is unseasonably warm for Cinco de Mayo in our neck of the woods, and it promises to turn ugly again very soon - just in time for Mother's Day, of course....  if you haven't gathered this from previous blog entries, we are subject to some of the most up and  down unpredictable weather ever. 

Hayden and i went to WalMart this morning to buy some diapers. 

Who ever leaves with just diapers?  I don't think it is possible.  Does WalMart have some magical power that washes over you when you step foot in the door that you cannot leave with just what you came for?

Much to the dismay of my husband, the answer has to be yes, because we also left with a swimming pool.

In celebration of this hot day, we filled that baby up after nap time and had our own little pool party.

Here is our posh set-up...  Pretty sweet, right?

And what would a pool party be without refreshments??  (As you can see, these were another piece of evidence that you cannot go into WalMart for JUST diapers...  is it bad when your 16 month old knows how to say "WalMart"?? LOL)

I would say that the swimming pool was a hit.  I was worried that she'd cry and not want to get in (and my husband would chastise me for wasting the extra $15 at WalMart on the pool that our kid hated) but I couldn't get her out!  She swam for almost two hours! 

For one reason or another, the most popular toy in the pool was this green cup.  she poured and splashed and dumped it on herself a million times....  oh, to be little again! LOL

 Even Piper Penelope enjoyed the heat - even though she pouted when we didn't give her her own Push-up Pop.  Poor Piper, always gets a raw deal. 

So now we are inside, enjoying some pre-school programing on TV (Some of us are definitely enjoying it more than others.... Have you ever seen The Fresh Beat Band?  Oh boy.  What a mess.) 

Hayden is talking so much now (she says 40 or 50 words and adds on to that every day - not to mention that she will try to say anything you tell her to) and when I asked her if she liked swimming, she nodded her head in an emphatic yes and said, "'Mimming!!!"  LOL

I will take that as a "yes."  :)

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  1. Adorable! Peyton loves water, I can't believe she has that many words, we are struggling with basic words to keep her content from having melt downs. I have to admit, it makes me jealous. If Peyton said walmart, i'd lose it lol.
    Hoping for more warm days, we are in central VA and we have somewhat of that up/down weather. We had to use the AC last week it was in the 90's and this week we've had to turn the heat on!