Wednesday, August 10, 2011

37 weeks

We are ready.

We have blankies.  (Aren’t these just delicious? They are the softest muslin swaddling blankets from Aden and Anias.  I am obsessed with them.)

The carseat is ready to go in the NEW car.  That is right - I have proudly joined the fleet of American moms out there, driving their toddlers to and from their engagements in a Chevy Suburban.  LOL My husband and I joked about "push presents" - a gift that husbands give their wives on Real Housewives shows when they push a baby out of their hoo-ha.  The Real Housewives get diamonds and Bentleys.  I pushed Hayden out of my hoo-ha and all I got was.... well, pregnant with Carly...  LOL  So this REAL Real Housewife got a Suburban.  Good job, husband. haha!

All of the little things are waiting - diapers, toiletries, clean clothes.  (I realize that this makes me look like a hoarder - diapers and enough stuff to wash 10 babies.  I like clean babies. LOL)

Big sister is ready - she is even wearing her "Blame It On My Sister" shirt and looking very old and wise.  Ready for her big girl duties, I think.

And the mom is REALLY ready. It is a big deal that i am about to post this picture.  There are like two pictures of me pregnant with Hoot- and I have never showed them to a soul. 
But here is my 37 week Carly Kate belly, for the world to see. 

I am huge, tired, and uncomfortable - and as you can see, I don't own a single shirt that is long enough.... And, according to the comedic stylings of Dr. Chacon (who is great at the baby catching, but his comedic stylings are not that funny when there is a giant baby inside of you) she is still "all the way up in Vancouver, and not moving South anytime soon..." GREAT.

Aside from being over the physical things, I feel like everyone has something weird to say to me about my size - and it is exausting.  Has no one ever seen a 9 month pregnant woman?!  We are HUGE - because we have a PERSON growing in our abdomen.  To the people who say things like, "OHMYGAWD!!  You are getting SO big!" and the age-old (but ever popular) "Are you sure you aren't having TWINS?!" and any other idiotic comments, please, stop.  LOL Or keep it up - it is your funeral.  And i am pretty cranky these days.

Tomorrow is 37 weeks.  Tomorrow, Little Sister is free to come out anyday.  I would be so happy to see her ASAP, even though that isn't looking promising....  Her and I will begin negotiations tomorrow, but I have a feeling that she will be like her sister and not listen. 

But we are on high alert all the same.


Please, Carly Kate, come on out.  As you can see, we are all ready.  All that is missing is you, tiny sweetie.  <3

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  1. You are so CUTE! I know you feel huge, but I think you look awesome. You have this perfectly round belly!! I also love how Hoot's hair is getting so blonde!! She no longer has that "baby" look, she's looking more like a big girl!!