Monday, August 1, 2011

one month

Today is August 1st.  One month until CarlyButton’s (haha – I called her that just for you, Dad) due date of September 1st.

She is happy as can be inside of my belly.  She bounces all over, making my bump look like something straight out of Alien.  She stretches and hiccups and does all of her in-utero preparations, getting ready to make her big appearance.  She loves it in there and has no idea that in a mere 11 days (at 37 weeks) she is free ENCOURAGED to head on out and meet the world.

I have hit the proverbial wall.  I am exhausted.  I am sore.  I have no belly button – just a flat spot where a belly button used to be.  I cannot touch my feet.  I pee ever y 15 minutes.  I get winded going upstairs.   I have no patience and I am cranky.  And I am HOT.  I do not see how this child is any smaller than 12 pounds, kicking at me and jabbing at me until it hurts.  I feel like I cannot go on, yet I have no choice.  No turning back now, even if I have lost the will to be pregnant.

I complain a lot.  Garrett pointed out that I am much more “vocal” about my misery than I was with Hoot.  I side-eyed him.  He was very brave to say that to me.  LOL

I have been whiling away the days with my new obsession of coupon clipping, playing with the cutest big sister in the world, napping, and swimming in my friend Patti’s pool.

I am washing her clothes and trying to decide what will be our “coming home outfit” – I am a little puzzled how to dress a newborn in 95 degree weather….

I am working on her room still – organizing and re-organizing, whether or not is really needs it.  LOL

Hoot got a new sand and water table, and when it isn’t blistering hot out, we like to sit on the back patio and play tractors and make mud.

It is all whittling away the days.

As far as my housework duties go, I have informed my husband that my new strategy in this department is as follows:  I am aiming to merely MAINTAIN – meaning that my goal for each day is that things are not worse in here when I go to bed at night than they were when I woke up.  Everything else is just icing.  (BTW, this is where I got the side-eye from Garrett.  He was very brave to side-eye me. LOL)

My mom and Patti put together a great shower to celebrate my sweet Carly girl this past Saturday, and it was wonderful. It was so nice to see all of my friends and family and it is so neat that a baby who isn’t even here yet is so loved.  And of course, there was another star of the show - Hayden was so cute about the presents and ate enough cake for her AND her sister.  That girl LOVES her some cake. LOL Just like her mama. 

And now, with a month to go, I sit and maintain.  I keep reminding myself that this is the calm before the storm – that my 2 under 2 whirlwind is about to begin, that my life will never be the same, to just enjoy the last remaining days as  a family of three, as the mom to Hoot and Hoot alone – because, whether it is at 37 weeks or (God forbid) 41 weeks (shoot me LOL) Carly will be here before I know it. 

Sooner rather than later would be great, though.

We are waiting for you, little Appleseed.  Your Mama loves you and can’t wait to see your little face.  <3

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