Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nesting much?

"Nesting" is not really in my nature- at least not in the traditional sense. 

When I was pregnant with Hootie, I never got the "scrub the house from tip to toe" urges people talk about.  Instead, I made a thousand hair bows while I waited for her arrival.  I decorated her room with little crafty projects and just passed the time. 

I am also prone to what I call "nesting by proxy" - in my 39th week of carrying Hootie around in my belly, I delegated painting the wall in our bedroom purple and purchasing new bedding and hanging a gallery of photos over the bed to my husband.  I sat on my pregnant rear and supervised.  LOL

This is no different. 

39 weeks is looming down on me as of tomorrow.  My tiniest daughter is giving me no signs of showing herself very soon.  At the doctor on Monday I was 2.5cm, 50% effaced, and her head is fully engaged.  (I can tell. It feels like I am sittingon it as I type.  Awesome.)  He swears she will come her own, but with the exception of Sunday night, when my old pal Braxton Hicks was visiting me every 7 minutes all night long (only to all but disappear since then), I have yet to be convinced.  I am tired and pretty sure that we are going to Kindergarten together, my Carly Kate and I.

In the nesting department, I recognize that my house is messy.  I see it.  I makes me crazy.  Yet somehow, I do not care enough to REALLY do anything about it. It is shameful, really.  I have a moment and scrub a bathroom here and there, or scrub the stains from the carpet in Hayden's room.  But for the most part, I have resumed my crafty nesting and my traditional "nesting by proxy" just like last time.

I have my husband painting his office red.  Like REALLY red.  It looks great. 

After I did all of THIS in Carly's room, I felt like THIS just wasn't cutting it in Hoot's room.  So what better time than when I am about to give birth to a baby to do something about it?  LOL 

So I got started on a tree.

And then I added the leaves... 

And here is the finished tree. You should have seen my big giant 39 weeks pregnant butt standing on a chair for two days painting all of those leaves. LOL THAT was a sight to see!!

Tomorrow my goal is to add some little critters - butterflies, caterpillars, birds, bugs, and of course a Hoot Owl.  It just wouldn't be right without a Hoot Owl, would it?

At any rate, I hope this child comes out soon. VERY soon.  I am quickly running out of distractions and displacement behaviors to occupy me.  My friend Kristin says that if this kid isn't born soon, I may end up with a mural on the wall in our bedroom, too. Haha!

Sadly, she could be right.

Please, God - save me from myself! Let this girl be born!

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  1. Good luck (this weekend) lol ... I remember being in the same boat last year at this time, September is a bad month to be expecting ... I await reading your next adventure, you never disappoint me with a good laugh ... Good luck to you and your family ...I hope you have a safe and happy delivery ...BTW very nice nesting by proxy tree !!! :-}