Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween from Rapunzel and Baby Bones!

(Kisses from "'Pun-hul" can be pretty scary for a tiny skeleton)

My little Princess had fun in her costume and trick or treating. I love when she calls out, "'Pun-hul! Your hair! I have a 'prize fuh yoooooooooooooooooooouuuu!!" a la the mother (aka the kidnapper LOL) on Tangled.

I love how the hair turned out - we used all  of the flower clips we had in our extensive clip stash and Daddy and I found this awesome hair extension at WalMart with a flower and fiber optic lights in it.  It HAS to light up, you know- that way it is like the REAL Rapunzel, you know. 

"Flower, gleam and glow; Let your power shine; Make the clock reverse......" How many times have I seen Tangled you might ask - the answer is too many to count. LOL

 I am not sure how Hayden is going to cope with "HalloWEEN!" being over (she screams"HalloWEEN!!!" at the sight of anything even slightly "SPOO-QUEE!" these days.  I love it.  LOL)  because she is in love with it.  Poor Hayden - but we are on to the rest of the holiday season now - I  will have to teach her what a turkey says! LOL

I hope that you and your little goblins have a spooky time and enjoy Halloween as much as we did! 

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  1. Her hair turned out great! She looks like she LOVES being Pun-Hul.

    I think I must be lucky because the only thing P watches on tv is Mickey Mouse & Barney, she JUST started watching tv.