Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins for our Pun'kins

"You mean I have to put my hand inside of it?"

"Can't I just pat it gently? On the OUTSIDE?"

"Okay - I'll do ONE seed...."

"Great. Now it's stuck on my hand....  Are you guys sure this is FUN?"

"Yup, just as I suspected - carving pumpkins is gross."

"?Better you than me, Sister..."

A skeleton and Rapunzel - Mom and Dad are GOOD.  :-)

All lit up.


  1. LOVE THE RAPUNZEL! I don't think we are even going to attempt carving this year! lol.

  2. Oh my god, I LOL'ed. A girl after my own heart, I think pumpkin carving is sooo much gross work for so little reward! Repunzel is awesome though!!!!! :)