Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome, October!

Well, Fall is here.  And as usual, our local weather didn't get the message.  LOL But what else is new?

While the weather may not know it is Fall, this family sure does.

And we happen to live down the street from the Pumpkin Patch - where you can not only pick your pumpkin,but you can see  goats and pick raspberries and a hand full of other fun Fall things.  Garrett and i decided that we would take Hoots and Carly Kate on Saturday morning, and we invited Sammie and Jordan, the kids of our good friends.

As we were getting ready to go, Sammie and Jord's mom called and said that they had to take Jordan to the ER because he had cut his leg playing on the bed and needed stitches.  He ended up with four stitches in his leg, and he missed out on the pumpkin patch, poor guy.  His sister was super worried about him the whole time and was excited to take a little pumpkin home for him.

Hayden was excited to have Sammie (or "Hammie" as she calls her) with us, though and that helped take Sam's mind off of her brother.  The goats also helped  - Hayden thought they were dogs.

The big girls had so much fun picking raspberries.  The charge you by the pound, but it is next to nothing if you head out and pick them yourself.  I had a dream of picking enough for a few jars of red raspberry jam, around six cups....  we did end up with enough, but it was hard earned. LOL I now know why raspberries cost so much at the store - picking them is a long and time consuming project!  Thankfully, Sammie was really determined and loved picking them.

As for Hayden, we are just lucky they didn't weigh her before and  after because i am pretty sure she ate as many as the other three of us picked. LOL

Carly slept the whole time in the Ergo carrier. Seriously, I love this thing - if you are into baby-wearing or you have never heard of the Ergo, click here. I love mine, and so does my sleepy little girl. And it allows me to wrangle Hayden, pick raspberries, and snuggle CarlyBug at the same time. Score.  :-)

All in all, we had so much fun.

It was the perfect way to welcome Fall - now bring on the Halloween costumes, the fresh baked pumpkin muffins, the falling leaves.  We got a taste of it - and now we are ready!!

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