Monday, October 17, 2011

I will be accepting my Mother Of The Year Award today... or NOT.

I had big plans for today. 

Grocery shopping with both girls (an epic task in and of itself), come home, tacos for lunch, nap time, making a truckload of pickles with the last cucumbers from the garden (I have a five gallon bucket full!) while the girls napped, cleaning up our house after the weekend and having it all done in time to watch Monday Night Football with my husband.

But as we all know, especially in the world of moms, the best laid plans often go array.

The morning started out a lot slower than I originally intended. Two kids = twice as many variables to prevent us from leaving.  I dress Carly, she poops on her clothes.  Then Hayden and I get in a argument over shoes. she ends up wearing a pair that I don't think go with what she's wearing, but at least they match each other and fit her feet.  This goes on and on until some how, by some act of God, we make it out of the house.

Of course once we do make it out of the house, Carly is on her third set of clothes and Hayden is wearing some funky cowboy boots and sporting a totally half-assed hair style (and you don't even want to know what I look like, but it surely involves yoga pants....)

By the time we have gotten to this point, I don't even care anymore - we are in the car, we are victorious. LOL

Unfortunately, today our journey out of the house was the least exciting and least stressful part of the trip.

After our stop at Walgreens, as I was loading my cereal and diapers and paper towel from the cart to the Suburban, Hoot was in the cart, chattering away as she handed me the bags.  I turned my back for one second to place a bag in the car, when I heard the sickening crack that only a toddler's head hitting the ground can make.

In that split second, Hootie had decided to stand up and somehow fell out of the cart, head first into the asphalt. My mind automatically jumped to the worst thing (concussion, cracked skull - you know) and I began freaking out right along with Hayden, who proceeded to scream bloody murder for a half hour as we sat in the car in the Walgreens parking lot.  Carly, who was hungry, joined in the screaming fest - so I figured what the hell?  I cried too.

I wasn't really sure if once she calmed down if I should just carry on with my day or take her to the ER just in case.  My phone for one reason or another chose this as the time to totally malfunction.  I couldn't even get a call to go through, and I was trying to call Garrett and see what he thought I should do with no success, so I put Hayden (who wasn't crying anymore) in her car seat and hauled her straight to the ER.

Here she is "reading" her bracelet to the nurses:

She read her bracelet ("Look, Mama!  P! A! H!" and so on), told them her ABCs and colors, what she is going to be for Halloween, all about her sister and how Piper pooped on the carpet.  (That last one is currently her favorite story to tell in public.  Lovely.  LOL)

She did cry a little bit, but only because her request for a Happy Meal was falling on deaf ears.

It was determined that she was fine and we were sent home.  I over-reacted, go figure.  It was so scary for both of us, and I think better safe than sorry, but I do wonder if the nurses in the ER thought I was a nut as we came tearing up to their window with Carly fast asleep in her car seat, Hoot happily pointing out the Halloween decor and their hysterical mother insisting that they check out her daughter's fractured skull.....

This whole day wasn't exactly my finest parenting moment...  Like the title of this post says, I will not be accepting my Mother of the Year award anytime soon. LOL 

What was supposed to be a regular old trip to the store turned out to be our first trip to the emergency room.  I supplied the requested Happy Meal (as any guilt ridden mom who let her kid fall out of the grocery cart into a parking lot) and we cuddled and watched Snow White and drank chocolate milk all afternoon.

Hoot is asleep upstairs and I am headed for bed myself - and we only completed part of the shopping, the house is a hot mess, and we have no pickles, and I totally forgot about football.  EPIC FAIL on the goals being reached, but thankfully, everyone is safe and happy... And thank goodness that everyday is a new beginning, because tomorrow will be busy - but hopefully a lot less exciting!!


  1. Having 2 makes everything 4x as hard. I've done my share of incredibly stupid (and dangerous) mistakes over the past week so I totally feel your pain. We can compete for worst moms of the year lol.

  2. oh boy, what a day! I awarded dh dad of the year after he brought Noah back from the playground with a goose egg the size of Texas smack between his eyes! We debated an ER trip too...crazy weekend!

  3. LOL maybe we could have an award ceremony...