Thursday, December 15, 2011

Craft Therapy

We all have ways of "dealing" with things.

Some people drink, some people eat.

Me?  When I am down, I displace my sadness with some time spent in my craft room. 

Last week, when my P-Weenie girl passed away, I needed something to keep my hands busy.  I am happiest when my hands and mind are busy creating something. 

My inspiration was this:

This is our Baby Stella and as you can see by her grayish coloring, Hoot loves her.  She goes all over with us.  She is soft and cuddly and sweet.

And naked.  Really really naked.

She came with an outfit, of course.  And Hayden loves taking it on and off  having me take it on and off for her.  But the outfit is starting to look pretty ratty and i thought that she might like some variety.  The clothes that are made for her are pretty pricey, but as I browsed Pinterest (FOLLOW ME) I came across this.

When I was a little girl, I learned to sew by making heaps of doll clothes with my Granny.  We whiled away many many summer hours together in her sewing room - she taught me and provided me with scraps and snacks.  Those are some of my happiest memories.  And a girl's doll can never have too many clothes, right?

So, with a little tweaking to the patterns in the link above, Stella (and her other dolly friends) will be receiving a new wardrobe under the Christmas tree.

Here is the first round of clothes:

And diapers:

And some particularly cute pajamas:

Can you guess why I loved this fabric?

And I have more plans in the pipes.

A little sundress? Some shorts? Little blouses? The possibilities are endless......  what a lucky little baby doll.  :-)

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