Tuesday, December 6, 2011

taking a moment to brag about Carly Kate

 Well, for starters, as you can see, she is freaking ADORABLE. 

And CHUBBY - like a little meatball.  Hayden was never chubby - she was a string bean at this age.  I adore the cheekies and the leg rolls. 

She will be 14 weeks old tomorrow.  Time is flying.  She loves to be on her belly and has started rolling over in the past couple of days.

She adores her big sis and smiles at the very sight of her. She has started having interest in toys - Hoot likes to bury her in a mountain of baby todays and ask, "You like toys?"  LOL

She sleeps all night long, snug as a bug in Mama and Dada's bed.  We wouldn't have it any other way. :)

She is pretty much a Mama's girl.  She is happiest if I am packing her around. LOL

Today I got out the Jumperoo.  Can you belive she is old enough for a Jumperoo?!?

Can you tell she likes it?

Of course, she has a lot of "help". LOL

So, there you go.  A moment with my littlest girl.  Isn't she the sweetest little meatbal you've ever seen??  <3

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