Monday, December 19, 2011

In case you are wondering why you didn't get a Christmas card from us....

The reason is simple.

I cannot take a picture of my kids to save my life.

Here is the results of this morning's photo shoot...  it was a total disaster.

Carly looks cute, Hoot looks like a goofball.

Carly smiles, Hoot looks like I am torturing her.

the issue here is pretty obvious... LOL

Eyes closed.

Telling a story.

Sassy look on Hoot's face, Carly's multiple chins are showcased.

I told Hayden, "Hold on to Sis so she doesn't fall out of the chair."  Hayden heard "Squeeze your sister 'til she cries."

Why not watch a little TV?

"Hey, Mom?  Are we done yet?"

Meltdown eminent.

This was the end... because Hoot got in trouble for nearly pushing the baby out of the chair.

"My sister ditched me to go cry in the kitchen."

So now you see that I can't even take their picture in front of the stinking Christmas tree and get one for my own archives much less one that is suitable for a Christmas card!! LOL  What a mess!!  I may try again, but I am not making any promises.  So, please remember that it isn't because we don't love our friends and family - it is because I don't thing any of them want one of these pictures on their mantle!!!! Hahaha!

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  1. It is HARD, I find I HAVE to give Peyton a prop...I only got half decent pictures because I wasn't opposed to the girls eating and/or pooping glitter off ornaments lol.

    Cute pictures though even if they aren't card quality (which who says they aren't!? taking a picture of two IS DIFFICULT!)