Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Appleseed on the move!!

I have been feeling Appleseed doing his or her baby business in there all day today.  I felt the telltale thumps and flutters for the first time while Garrett was in Chicago, but last night and today he or she is surely  on the move!
I felt Hoot at around 14 weeks, so this is right on schedule! (today is 14 weeks and 5 days)  At this point it is so so tiny – like a little flick.  I told Garrett that it is like when you were a kid and you’d catch a grasshopper and hold it between your hands and it would hop in there.  Nothing like it on earth!
It is nice to know that there really is a little someone in there.  Of course, he or she has made him or herself known in many other ways all along, but it is nice to finally have a pleasant one!
It seems like time is going much faster this time around.  I can’t believe that on Thursday I will already be hitting 15 weeks!
And, just like Appleseed him or herself, I am growing.  Rapidly.  I think that I was more excited for the bump and the “looking pregnant” the first time – I think that this time I am truly aware of how big one is capable of getting and it is still fresh in my mind. Also, this time it has snuck up on me.  I just sort of woke up round.  And it is noticeable.  LOL
Last night I was standing in the dining room in my pajama pants and a t-shirt when I noticed that Garrett was burning a hole in my midsection with his stare.  Finally, I said, “What ARE you staring at?!” And he tried to cover it up with some answer about how I looked “sort of nice” in my pajamas.  Poor Garrett – it was a nice save, but I am aware of the belly spectacle.  I stare at it several times a day myself. LOL

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  1. I remember so looking forward to having a bump, before it just looks like you ate too many nachos :)
    PS...LOVE your little sweet peas name, beautiful!