Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Note for my little Seed

Dear Baby Appleseed,
We need to have a little Mommy to Seed chat about tomorrow.
It is your big day, Angel – it is show time.  We want to know if you are a son or a daughter.  We simply cannot wait until September 1st  to know if you’re a he or a she.
This is the only day of your life that I will beg you to make your private parts public knowledge.  Believe me, we will have a similar conversation about exhibitionism someday when you are around the same age as your big sister and you figure out how to remove your diaper, just like she recently has.  At that time I will beg you NOT to show whatever parts you have to anyone.
But tomorrow is different.
Tomorrow you are expected to bare all, show us all of whatever it is that God gave you.  Let us know if we should paint your room blue or unpack some of Hoot’s baby girly clothes.  We even think that (after a considerable amount of waffling around on the subject – mostly on your father’s part) we have a name for you, kiddo – you just have to show us the goods so we know which one to call you.  As cute as it is to call you Appleseed, we think you will like what we have for you, my Little Sweetie.
Also, we have been trying to teach Hootie to say “brother” and “sister”.  She says brother pretty well, but if you are a sister, she will need the next 21 weeks or so to practice.  Daddy says you are a girl, Mommy says you are a boy.  Whatever you are, we love you to pieces, but we want to settle this once and for all – and preferably long before September 1st.
We love you and we can’t wait to get a good look at you tomorrow – all of you of course, but we are really looking forward to that one shot.  Do your thing, Baby.  Mama and Daddy already know that you are a genius, so we are confident that you can handle this one no problem. 
Love, Your Mom

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