Friday, March 4, 2011

Come home, Daddy!!

Little Hoot and I have been bachelorettes for the past three days with Daddy in Chicago on a business trip.  He left us on Wednesday morning before the sun was up and will be home late tonight.
We have admittedly been quite lazy without him here.  We have been eating TV dinners and SpaghettiO’s to avoid cleaning up dishes.  We have been enjoying Sesame Street marathons thanks to Instant Netflix.  After I put Hootie to bed, I have been watching sappy girly movies and eating chocolate and lingering and staying up late.
It sounds like paradise, I know – but I miss my husband.  It is lonely here without him.  The conversations that Hayden and I have are pretty limited, seeing as she really only has around 25 words in her vocabulary to choose from (her favorite of which right now is, “snack”) and she finds most things I want to talk about boring.
It has been hard here without someone to give me a little break like Garrett usually does when he comes home in the evenings and I am running out of entertaining things to do.  She is great at playing independently, but she likes company too, of course.  But Daddy plays differently than Mommy, and my feeble attempts at imitating Daddy-Play haven’t been received with the same excitement.
Yesterday morning, before the sun was up, Hayden was wide awake a ready to start the day.  It was a little sad when she looked at Garrett’s side of the bed and said, “Dada? Dada?” with a puzzled expression on her little face.
We have kept ourselves occupied as best as we can while Daddy has been away.  We went to Wal-Mart and bought these little tiny dollies (maybe 3 inches or so, and they have stuffed bodies) and their accessories yesterday and they are defiantly a hit.  Hours have been spent putting them into their little swing, on their rocking horse, in their high chair, and in their little crib. 
We even sewed them some little beds that they can be tucked into and cut some blankets for swaddling from some of her old receiving blankets. 
My very favorite is when she bounces them or taps them on something and tell me, “Dancey-Dance! Dancey-Dance!” Haha!
She seriously loves them. 
But that is not a surprise – she loves to play babies, no matter what size they are.  She cooks for them and rocks them and plays peek-a-boo with them, she pushes them in the stroller and gives them hugs and kisses.  She even shares her crackers with her babies on occasion.  I think it is all adorable and it is another reminder of how big and smart she is now.  I love it.  She is growing up so fast.
So here we wait for Daddy to return, playing babies and doing all of our most important baby business while we count the hours! Hurry home, Daddy!!  We miss you!!

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