Thursday, March 10, 2011

Super Hoot to the rescue!

Ever since Hoot was a few days old, when she gets out of the tub, I wrap her all up and say, “Time to get cozy!” while I wrap her up as tight as I can, her head and face all covered up as I dry her. Then she walks around with her towel, being “cozy”… 
And for some reason, this is HI.LAR.I.OUS to her.  She giggles little a little maniac.
Lately she has been asking me for a towel at odd times, or bringing me a blanket and saying “co-co” to be wrapped up in it.  So I got the idea that she needed a blanket that was like a cape…  but it had to be safe (I don’t want her to get hung up on something with something around her neck) and easy for her to figure out.  A Baby Cape.
So we picked some fabric at WalMart and I did some planning. 
I used the idea of a hooded bath towel and after some research on how you would make one of those, I winged it.  It is double weight flannel. So it is extra cozy, or “co-co” as Hoot would say.  (The word “co-co” can get a little tricky, because it means blanket and cozy – but it sounds a lot like cracker, Cookie Monster, and her sound for water…  decoding Toddler-ese = like learning Latin or Esperanto or some other dead language… very tricky.)
The picking of the fabric was a funny thing.  You may be thinking that this looks an awful lot like boy’s fabric pick – that is because I did not pick it.  I liked some cute pink with giraffes, some Care-Bears, some froggies, some lavender with puppies on it.  But Hayden liked THIS ONE.  Primary colored Sesame Street.  And every one I showed her she swatted at and said, “Bye-bye!” to – and then pointed at THIS ONE. 
So, to please my willful child, we have a primary colored Sesame Street baby cape… 
And she likes it so much, she fell asleep – wrapped up all cozy. 
Man, I love this girl.  LOL
I think it turned out pretty good, especially considering I was making it up as I went along.  I can already see a few things that I would do differently, mainly with the hood, but I like it.  And of course, what Super Baby would be complete without a letter on the back?

 Super Hoot to save the day!  Her super power? 
That’s easy – it’s making me smile.  J

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  1. Very cute idea ...she is a lucky girl to have such a crafty mommy!!! Don't ya just love toddler lingo:-}