Monday, March 21, 2011

First day of Spring, Nevada Style...

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, which for most brings to mind visions of like these I took sometime last week:

Visions of daffodils and children skipping in the sun, little fuzzy bunnies and green plants showing themselves after the long winter.

In Nevada, we get little teases of this, but for the most part, Spring means 50+ MPH winds and out-of -no-where rain, freezing cold temps, and, as we were privy to last night, even a blizzard....

So this morning, all of my daffodils are frozen and totally squished under a layer of snow and ice, the drive way is a muddy mess, and we are tucked snugly under a blanket of melting snow....

This morning I walked upstairs into Hayden's room and I thought, "Looks weird in here...  brighter."  Growing up the entire side of our two story house is beautiful green ivy, which mostly covers the window in Hayden's second story room - but this morning it was gone. Like GONE.   It has been growing there for probably 15 years and was two stories high - growing all the way to the roof!  This snow is SO heavy and wet, it just pulled it right down....  See the diagram below. LOL

So now comes the task of removing it ASAP so it doesn't kill our lawn...  these pictures don't do it justice, but it is hundreds of pounds and has branches in places that are 5 inches think.  Poor Garrett - he has a job ahead.

We are sad that this happened - it added a lot of character to our house - but we are really glad (and really lucky) that it didn't pull the stucco down with it.

So, Happy Nevada Spring, folks.  We hope "real" Spring has sprung for some of you out there - and that our friends and neighbors are faring better than we are through the unpredictable weather in our neck of the woods!

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