Friday, May 13, 2011

Carly's Nursery, Phase One = COMPLETE

With Hayden's room squared away, we have moved across the hall to Carly's room, and plans are in full  swing.

I have to brag about my Craigslist find - a gently used white Ikea crib + mattress + white book shelf = all for $75!!!!!!!!!  Score!  I love a good deal....

Garrett picked all of it up in Reno on Wednesday afternoon and we set to work assembling the crib, putting our treasure trove of little girl's clothes in the closet, and making a game plan.

$50 crib and mattress:

$25 shelf:
Cute fabric Hayden and I picked out to cover the window seat cushion:
A close up of the cute mobile!  <3

(I added some accessories for the sake of picture taking, to help you follow along with my vision... LOL)

And now, on to Phase Two!!!!!

  • Order bedding (picture from Carter's website):

  • Paint:

  • Some little sewing projects with these:


  1. Very cute! Love the book shelf.

  2. Very cute ...cute fabric choices and colors !!!