Monday, May 30, 2011

a productive (if a bit rainy and cold) Memorial Day weekend

We are sadly saying goodbye to a nice long weekend.  Our weather did not cooperate with us for the usual Memorial Day activities this year, but no big surprise there.  As you know, the weather isn't real cooperative ever around here. :)

Never the less, this family was busy.

Guess where my daughter has slept the last three nights?

Upstairs, in her bed, by herself!  We were all prepared for this to be a miserable transition, and while I refuse to count any unhatched chickens, it has so far turned out to be quite the opposite.  Every night, I have taken her up there, washed her hands and face, brushed her teeth, turned on her nightlight and sat in the rocking chair with her as she dozed off, put her in her crib and gone back downstairs - prepared for our familiar old 3am wake ups, bringing a kicking screaming  kid back to bed with us, all of the good things we have been subjected to for the last 16 months.

But they never happened.

We never heard another peep from her until after 8am the following morning.  My terrible sleeper has been not just sleeping, but sleeping IN.  Whose child is this? Certainly not mine who has never slept past 7am in her whole life. 

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me - but i also cannot tell you how silly this makes me feel.  all of this leads me to believe that she has been playing a trick on us, clever little girl.  Like she has been capable of sleeping all night and even sleeping in, but has been choosing not to because we are conveniently right close by to play. :-/

In other news take a look at this:

My husband has been a busy painter this weekend, hasn't he? Don't you just LOVE the hot pink stripes in the window seat nook!?  I do!  And it is the prettiest  shade of green!  I made the little pompoms over the crib while he painted on Saturday night after we put Hayden to bed - we were commenting that we hadn't been up past midnight in years, party animals we are. LOL It is so cute, I can't get enough of it - and I can't wait to find a dresser, make some artwork, buy the bedding, ect.! 

Hayden has been busy too.  Her Gramma and Grampa bought her this little four wheeler, and in between thunderstorms, she has been buzzing allover the yard on it.

She has not really figured out turning yet, so there are a lot of rescues by her pit crew (aka: Dada):

Here she is practicing for when she wins the race:

She has recently become aware of bugs, and finds them to be fascinating, yet terrifying.  The one is this picture is the tiniest roly poly (you probably can't even see it in the picture) but it had her screaming and giggling.

She suckered her Daddy into pulling her in the wagon during one brief moment of sunshine, and as you can see, it tickled her pink:

We wrapped this up with a private (indoor) barbeque for 3.5, prepared  for us by our favorite guy.

In the midst of all of these things, we also enjoyed a really fun (also indoor) barbeque with friends on Sunday night, a trip to the nursery, visits from Gramma and Grampa, and a lot of great time together.  so yeah, busy weekend.  Every second has been so full, and I am sad to see it end!  I hope that you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend, enjoying good company - and hopefully someone enjoyed better weather than we did! :)

Happy Memorial Day 2011!

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