Sunday, May 22, 2011

My big girl is at her Gramma and Grampa's house right now having a sleepover, which leaves me more or less idle for a little bit.  Sure, I could do some laundry or mop a floor while my "assistant" is gone, but I have opted instead for watching a movie and blogging.  Who needs clean clothes, right?

Last week sometime when my mom asked if Hoots could spend the night I looked forward to sleeping in this morning, which totally didn't happen.  For one reason or another, I was wide awake before seven.  What the heck? 

I am wearing regular (non-maternity) shorts, as I haven't had the opportunity to buy any for my burgeoning belly yet and these fit alright if I wear them down low (and preferably unbuttoned) on my hips.  I proudly announced to my husband when I put them on this morning, "Great news! My ass isn't any bigger! Just my huge belly! Yay!" He didn't have much of a response.  I guess he is smarter than the average bear. LOL

The funny thing about it is that as happy as I was in regards to the size of my rear-end in my nearly 26 weeks pregnant state, my nearly 26 week old baby doesn't seem as impressed.  She hasn't been still for a single minute since I put the shorts on, kicking at the waistband (and my bladder or whatever else she can get to) and carrying on like she is actually being squeezed in there.  What a kid.

Things are so quiet here with HootOwl, but look at what fun she is having, helping in Gramma and Grampa's garden!  Little girl loves the dirt! Grampa sent up this picture from his phone:

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