Monday, February 21, 2011

12 weeks, 4 days

My little Appleseed is growing up. 
He or she is 12.5 weeks old today.
Wednesday  we go to the doctor and we will be one day shy of 13 weeks.  One third of the way through.  We will also schedule the appointment for our big anatomy scan, where we will find out if Appleseed is a boy or a girl. 
When I was pregnant with Hoot, we found out we were thinking pink the day of our anatomy scan when I was a little more than 19 weeks in.
On that day we had the ultrasound lady write the result down on a little slip of paper, to be put in an envelope and transported home under a shroud of secrecy, to then be handed off to my uncle, who baked a cake of the appropriate color – pink for a girl, blue for a boy – and frosted the outside completely in white.  Later that night, we cut the cake in front of all of our family and friends and we all found out together who the tiny little person inside my belly was.
Up until the very moment I cut into the cake and saw pink, I thought we were having a boy.  I have never been so stunned in my life.  You can see it in the pictures of that moment.  I was thrilled, and had wanted a girl the entire time, but I was shocked that it that cake wasn’t blue!

My husband claims that he knew it was a girl.  He wanted a girl all along, too, but I think he was a little bit shocked, too.
This time, I am having that boy feeling again.  And – big surprise - Garrett is having that girl feeling again.  Of course, my maternal instinct has a history of being totally defunct in this department, but I am going with it. I call Appleseed “he” and Garrett usually says “she”.  We told Dr. Chacon that and he said that he was going to take the middle of the road and say “the baby.”   Haha.  Smart man.
We have tentative names picked out – Carly Reese for a girl, and Reid William for a boy.  With Hayden, Garrett picked the girls name and I picked the boy’s name, and this time we did the opposite.  I am not totally sold on Reid, but it is growing on me.  Garrett says that it “feels right” to him.  I am trusting him, partly because he did good with Hootie’s name and partly because he vetoed all of my other boy ideas.  Party pooper.  They were good ones too.  So, we’ll see how that goes – it is all subject to change.  ;)
So the question here is this, little Appleseed- are you a boy or are you a girl?  We will not do the cake thing this time; we want to know what it feels like to have the ultrasound lady say, “See that?  Looks like….”  But are you snakes and snails and puppy dog tails?  Or are you sugar and spice and everything nice?  Is Hayden going to have a little brother or a little sister?  Only time will tell.  Five or six weeks from now, we will know that answer. 
I don’t know how I am going wait that long.  :)

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