Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have had a great Valentine's Day today, Hootie and I.

We got an early start because we had big plans.  We ran errands, went to the store, and came home to make a Valentine's dinner for Daddy and Gramma, Grampa, and Uncle Owen.

We had Valentine's to make:

We had to salt eggplant and let it sit for Eggplant Parmasan:

I went all out and made my sauce from scratch this time.  No bottled stuff on Love Day!

We did a little decorating.

And my little helper was there by my side the whole time, dirty face and crazy ponytails and all.

It was taking a long time, so she caught up on some reading.

And she had to love on her Valentine, Piper.  (Piper doesn't love the loving as much as Hayden thinks she  does.)

A truck-load of time and work later, here is our delicious dinner - Eggplant Parmasan.  (I LOVE this stuff!!)

And later, there is a special treat for everyone - Chocolate Toffee Saltines.  (click here to make some- they are TO DIE FOR.....  and surprisingly easy to  make!) 

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you all found a little love in your life today. :)  I know I did.  

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