Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Haircut for Hootie

My kid was born with a head full of hair.  Like  a little wig.  And, even though I fully expected it to, it never fell out or rubbed off - it just got longer and longer and longer. 

We started with clips and bows when she was brand spanking new, and piggytails at around five months old. 

Lately, her hair was so unkempt-looking, I was running out of things to do with it.  Even her piggytails were scraggly and wild lately, and I practically HAD to put it up in piggys to make her presentable to leave the house - and to allow her to see. 

I decided it was time for a first haircut.  Afterall, she is a big girl now.

She wasn't sure what we were going to do to her, but she sat still and sweet through the whole thing.

 Before the first cut:

Just a little trim, please: 

With a little help from Dad (the family funny guy) we even got a little smile:

And the results are gorgeous.

But we knew they would be.  She was perfectly adorable to begin with, right?


  1. She is so so cute! It suits her perfectly! And today a windstorm blew the perfect box for her bookends under my car! So in heels and slack I fished it our just for the sweet girl :) I hope to ship them tomorrow!

  2. Man, I guess I should have proof read that a bit!

  3. haha! that happens to me all the time - i am a good speller, but a terrible typist- plus Hoot ripped the space bar offofmy computer a while back, and while it went back on, it has never really been the same since. LOL we'll be watching for her owls! they will be perfect in her new book shelf oron her dresser! :)

  4. So, the snow is forbidding my planned post office adventure...hopefully they can go out on Monday! :)