Monday, February 28, 2011

A crafty moment results in an adorable skirt - modeled by an unwilling participant.

I used this tutorial (sent  to me by my darling cousin Erin Rae) demonstrating how to use an old t-shirt to make a cute little skirt for a certain fashionista in my house. 

I have recently moved into my fat lady clothes (a less nice way to say maternity clothes) full time (does this seriously happen sooner the second time?  or was it just more fun and novel last time? LOL) and my husband has been urging me to rid the closet of a few things that I am admittedly not wearing anymore, and will not be wearing after Appleseed is here either. Just crap i am sick of I have a few tshirts that i figured could be re-fashioned into skirts for the Owl.

So here is what we came up with on our maiden run.  Please excuse my model.  She did not want her picture taken, and was only willing to participate if I was willing to take a picture of her showing me her belly or laying on the floor like a weirdo.  LOL

The project itself was pretty easy - minus a few little issues like an unexplained sewing machine disaster (but really, what sewing project would feel complete without a few of those, right?) and some crying and clinging to my leg and getting into everything in my craft room "help" from a certain toddler, and several swear words.  The only hard thing is that knit is a little tricky to sew, but I am pretty sure anyone with even 7th grade Home EC sewing skills could handle this one with a little practice.  You should try it.

I have some more tshirts that can be converted waiting in my craft room, but looking at the pictures above, you can probably tell that my child needs a nap.  Bad.  So the tshirts will have to wait, because I might just join her. :)


  1. I LOVE IT! And your model is to die for! Seriously tho cool idea... tho admitedly I barely have the seventh grade sewing skills received at the Churchill County Jr High from sewing a windsock... so I mine may not turn out as well... wish me luck... (LOVE THE BLOG BTW!)
    ~Heather R