Wednesday, November 24, 2010

29 and holding

Yesterday was my birthday.
And in a shower of 3:30am wakes-ups, CT scans, freezing cold weather, snow flurries, positive test results, genius brains, lasagna and pumpkin pie, I turned 29.
We got up so early yesterday, and not by choice.  Little Hoot’s CT scan on her giant genius brain was at 8am, but she couldn’t eat after midnight.  Now, this is not something I am proud of, but she doesn’t sleep through the night and still wakes up and wants a boob around 3 or 4.  Yesterday was no exception.  Talking a tired kid who wants a boob into going back to sleep without one was not successful.  So after being up forever, we all trudged to Carson in the snow.  It was FREEZING out there all day.  Like bitter.  And snowing like mad. 
We waited in a little room for a long time, exhausting our bag of tricks to distract Hootie from the fact that she was starving and tired. 

We played cars, read books, loved “babies”, sang The Wheels on the Bus eighty three times, played peekaboo, emptied the diaper bag, and anything else that could keep her busy.  All the while, Daddy and Mommy were practically zombies. LOL  Finally they came and carried her off to the CT scan room. They ended up being able to get what they needed without an IV, they just gassed her and that was enough.
After a long nursing session immediately after and a little nap on the hour drive home and a good sized lunch when we got home, she was back to her old self, running all over the place laughing at her own jokes and getting into trouble.
And guess what the results said?  She is fine.  Her head is totally normal.  Just big.  She’s gotta have a big bucket for all of her brains.   My girl just has a big, fat, genius head.   *coughcoughtoldyou sodoctorcough*   The good results were all the birthday present I needed.  We ate our weights in celebratory lasagna and birthday pumpkin pie.
So being 29 isn’t that bad at all.  I am truly blessed.  I have a great family, good friends, and the most gorgeous big headed girl who is healthy and happy and growing like a little weed.  I have a warm happy home, a husband who loves me, and countless other things to be grateful for.  So here is to the 29 years it took to get here – and the 29,000 things that have made my life so awesome in those 29 years.  :)

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