Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sending Thanksgiving out and welcoming Christmas in!

Thanksgiving weekend has been great.  Four days at home, spending time with the family, enjoying the coziness of our house while it has been bitter cold outside.  We have been basically gorging ourselves on left overs, which we have pretty well polished off. 
Our family has a lot to be thankful for in 2010.  New babies, our health, a safe and cozy home.  We have Hoot.  My cousin is pregnant with a baby that they have been wishing and waiting for for more than three years.  My aunt was diagnosed with cancer about this time last year, and after a long battle over the summer, she is doing very well.  My uncle just got a job with the new governor of Nevada, which is a really neat honor and we will be glad to have him closer to home. My parents are loving being grandparents to Little Hoot. This is just the beginning on a long list of reasons we have to be thankful, so we all spent the day together and enjoyed our blessings.
We started out thankful for pajamas and applesauce.

And pug dogs. (Piper herself is thankful for people dropping things on the floor for her to eat.)

We had 15 people to dinner and we had many preparations to make. (My mom showed up and was a little annoyed that i spent the morning "preparing" place cards rather than peeling potatoes...  whoops...  LOL  but it all worked out in the end.)

Hayden decided that watching Elmo and being silly were her jobs.  And she rocked at them!

Didn't this turkey and the table turn out great?  Good thing i spent all that time making those place cards! And I have to toot my own horn because this was the first time that I have been in charge of Thanksgiving dinner - especially the turkey.  Look at my 21 pound Mega-bird!  All brown and tasty!

And so dinner was eaten... and eaten and eaten.  In my family, we love eating. 

Hayden is no exception.  She loved everything on her plate and ate like a champ.

Tonight we are saying good-bye to Thanksgiving with Green Turkey Chili, made of the bones and scraps of the delicious Mega-bird.  This is all that remains of the poor fella:

And with Thanksgiving come and gone, a new season is upon us.  And so begins the trimming of trees, the hanging of stockings, the making of lists (to be checked twice of course), and all of the other traditional "hall decking" - look out Christmas, here we come!

(And all that is left for Hoot to do is wait for Santa to come...)

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