Thursday, November 18, 2010

More felt food fun!

As I posted the other day, my felt food factory is in full force.  I have been working on a little sack lunch.  Turkey sandwich withal the fixings anyone?

Or maybe you’re more in the mood for a PB&J??

Add chips and a banana and you have a complete lunch! 

I am especially pleased with the banana – look how cute it turned out!

I am finding the making of this food almost therapeutic – I have been doing the hand stitching while I nurse Hoot or while I watch TV at night or while she naps.  I think my husband might be getting jealous of my felt food fetish…..   much to his dismay, i have a TON of tasty treats in my queue:


  1. OK this is pure genius IMO, do you use a pattern, or are you one of those crafty

    Very cute idea!!!

  2. i didn't use a pattern, becki, but i have seen them for sale on etsy if you just search "felt food patterns"... mostly i just looked around the web at other people's felt food picturesandacouple of tutorials (there is a tutorial for everything out there) and just kind of winged it!!! felt is pretty forgiving, so it really isn't as hard as onemight think!

  3. Thank you Allison!!! I will have to try it, they turned out pretty dang cute, what kid wouldn't have fun with those.